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How Long Does a Mortgage Take?

Your mortgage application will be completed, authorised, and issued in 18-40 days on average. This will depend on how complex your application is and whether your lender has a backlog of applications to handle. We'll walk you through each step of the process in this...

What You Need for a Mortgage

If you're a first-time buyer, you already know how difficult it is to climb on the property ladder in today's market. The value of deposits is on the rise in tandem with property prices. And mortgage lenders have a lot of rigorous conditions that must be met before...

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Vinnie Jones –

[ad_1] Worth a watch...Vinnie Jones tells it as it is. About Every 22 minutes a child loses a parent they depend on. Despite this, over 12% of UK parents still have no life insurance to protect their family if the worst happened - so we launched

Complete Mortgage Solutions NI

[ad_1] Are you looking to buy your 1st home...move home or 're mortgage to do home improvements or just switch to a better rate? Want to get some life cover in place to protect your family in case of an illness, accident or injury? We can do it all... Watch this...

Help to Buy

[ad_1] Worth a read if your a 1st time buyer... Help to BuyYou may be able to get financial help through a government home ownership scheme if you live in England and can’t afford to buy a home. [ad_2] Source

How does life insurance work?

[ad_1] Life Insurance can start from as little as £5 a month... Get in touch so we can give you a personal quote... [ad_2] Source

Northern Ireland Quarterly House Price Index

[ad_1] [fb_vid id="1303011373165700"]The local housing market has experienced a strong start to 2018 with an annual house price increase of 4% and a rise of 3.1% on the final quarter of last year Ulster University Northern Ireland Housing Executive - Have your say...

Mortgage Cashback Offers

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Contact us | Complete Mortgage Solutions NI

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Noddle | Free For Life Credit Report And Credit Score

[ad_1] The 2 most important things when it comes to applying for a mortgage are.... 1. Your credit report. If you have never checked your credit report you can do so using the following link 2. Your affordability. You must prove to your mortgage...

Thinking about buying your first home?

[ad_1] Great video explaining the process of a mortgage..... Proud to have Progressive on our panel as well as many other lenders in NI[fb_vid id="10155504355436066"]Thinking about buying your first home? Cool Breakfast have teamed up with Progressive Building Society...

Mortgage Broker Lisburn | Complete Mortgage Solutions NI

[ad_1] Does your mortgage advisor ring you 3/4 months before your fixed rate ends on your mortgage? If the answer is NO (which is very common) then change your advisor and here's why...... When the fixed rate on your mortgage ends you change to a variable rate. This...

Lisburn is revealed as property hotspot

[ad_1] Interesting read if your thinking of buying property in Lisburn & Castlereagh district..... Lisburn is revealed as property hotspotYou are living in Northern Ireland's property hotspot [ad_2] Source