At Complete Mortgage Solutions NI Neil and Jonathan strive to bridge the gap between financial ambition and the best mortgage solution for you.

We understand that there are many financial terms that may be confusing or over-complicated. For instance you have probably heard the terms ‘mortgage provider’ and ‘mortgage broker’ thrown around before, but there is an important key difference between them.

A mortgage provider is the financial institution or bank that provides you with your secured loan. They set the terms of the mortgage, including but not limited to the interest rate and repayment schedule.

A mortgage broker works as an intermediary between you and the mortgage provider or lender. They specialise in finance and understand the processes of obtaining a mortgage. It is wise to work with a mortgage broker as they can alleviate the stress and confusion of obtaining your mortgage. A broker will work through all of the necessary paperwork, has a deep understanding of the rules and regulations regarding mortgages and will find you the most competitive rates for your personal mortgage.

What You Need for a Mortgage

What You Need for a Mortgage

Northern Irish Mortgage Broker

Unfortunately a broker can sometimes be an additional cost in an already expensive process. That is where Complete Mortgage Solutions come in. We offer our services free of charge to all of our clients. Our priority is to provide you with the most relevant, up to date and accurate information so that you can make better financial decisions and feel secure knowing that we are behind you every step of the way.

What’s more, with over 20 years of experience in Northern Ireland we can easily work through all of the relevant paperwork equipped with a deep understanding of the process of applying for a mortgage as well as the rules and regulations that must be adhered to.

We are more than happy to work around your schedule, we’ll handle the most time consuming elements of your mortgage applications so you can focus on the other important things in your life. We commit to excellent customer service by working around your pre-existing schedules and are even willing to meet in the comfort of your own home to accommodate your schedule.

Based in Lisburn for over 20 years, we understand the importance of helping our community in whatever way we can. From one quick chat or a helping hand offered throughout the entire mortgage process, we are more than happy to oblige to whatever your needs are; the level of our involvement is completely up to you.

We will review the details and break them down into easily absorbed information as we understand that the barrier posed by financial jargon can make mortgage applications even more challenging than they should be.

You may be wondering how we can afford to offer such a high quality service free of charge. It is quite simple, our services are brought to you on behalf of mortgage providers who may pay us a commission. There are no hidden fees or obligations when you contact us, you’ll simply receive the most informed advice and competitive rates available.

With two decades of experience in mortgage broking in Northern Ireland, Neil and Jonathan completely understand how exciting yet overwhelming a mortgage venture can be. That is why we pride ourselves on our professionalism and dedication to helping clients in their financial journey.

When it comes to major life choices such as your mortgage, don’t rush into any hasty decisions without doing the proper research. Brokers can save you time and money but you need to make sure that your broker has your best interests in mind. Take your time and find out what options are available to you and how they correspond to the resources you have available. You can start your journey by contacting Neil or Jonathan via phone or email. We would love to schedule a chat to discuss your options moving forward.

We understand that when making any major life decision, poor communication can add to an already stressful situation. While we encourage you to take your time to research and make important decisions, you never have to worry about waiting for correspondence from our team. We pride ourselves on our punctuality in providing clear and accurate information.

Northern Ireland Mortgage Providers

We work closely with financial institutions including but not limited to:

  • Halifax Bank
  • HSBC Financial Services Company
  • Danske Bank
  • Santander Bank
  • Nationwide Building Society
  • Progressive Building Society

In doing so, we can ensure that you get the most competitive rates for your mortgage application, so you can rest assured that your prospective mortgage is in safe, trustworthy hands.

Best Mortgage Deals Northern Ireland

Best Mortgage Deals Northern Ireland

Best Mortgage Provider Northern Ireland

So, why should you trust Complete Mortgage Solutions to find you the best mortgage provider? Whether you are looking for your first mortgage, or another property to expand your portfolio we are here to help. We have experience and expertise in dealing with  applications for First Time Buyers, Co-ownership Mortgages, Buy to Let Mortgages, Remortgages and Self Builds. Here are some of the reasons why we believe we are the mortgage broker for you:

  • We have access to every bank possible for a mortgage broker to have access to, this makes it easier to get accepted for a mortgage
  • Our services are always free of charge
  • We have 20 years of mortgage and protection experience in Northern Ireland, and understand how to comply with all of the rules and regulations of mortgage application procedures.
  • We’re easy to reach via phone or email. With impeccable customer service we pride ourselves on excellent communication, as well as a flexibility to work around your schedule.
  • We are more than happy to arrange home visits to ease the pressure of the mortgage process in a very hectic period of your life.
  • We take the stress out of mortgage applications, acting as the middleman between you and your mortgage; We filter through reams of paperwork and provide you with the vital information that you need to know.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a chat about your mortgage prospects, free of charge.

So if you are seeking a mortgage provider in Northern Ireland or in any of these locations – check our dedicated pages on these topics: